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d100 Arcane Mutations

Table 1: Marks of the Beast (d100)

If on any roll you get a result that is contradictory to a previous result (skin is both scaly and furry), disregard and roll again. You can also agree ahead of time with your DM that you are slowing turning into a particular type of creature or monster (perhaps the same as your Familiar or a totem animal), and your DM will choose which step you take in the process instead of rolling on the Table. If this option is used, each step should be about the same amount of change as described below. (You don’t become a living scarecrow in one go)

Note on Head Adornment: Some results below cause you to grow antlers, horns, fins, etc. on your head. These are noted with an [HA]. Any subsequent conflicting roll of an [HA] result causes your original result to grow longer and thicker. Assume 6” length and 1” thickness per result.

1. Skin (or fur, scales, etc.) changes color. Roll on Table 2.
2. Skin changes to wet scales, like a fish.
3. Skin changes to dry scales, like a lizard.
4. Skin becomes soft and wet like a worm.
5. Skin changes to coarse fur, short.
6. Skin changes to soft fur, long.
7. Sprout feathers all over your body. Roll of Table 2.
8. Nose flattens, nostrils become slits, eyes blink sideways.
9. Pupils assume shape of hourglass. Can see everyone aging and dying.
10. Pupils become ovals like a cat.
11. ‘Whites’ of eyes and eyelids change color. Roll on Table 2.
12. Arcane runes appear all over body, including some on face.
13. Finger and toe nails become talons. Scratching an itch really hurts.
14. Toes become longer and webbed, feet scaly. Cannot wear shoes. Swim speed +5.
15. Small wings grow from shoulder-blades. Too small to fly. They flap when you’re nervous. Roll d3 for bat, bumble bee, or pterodactyl.
16. Neck widens to greater than head circumference. Mouth widens.
17. Hacking cough. -2 Con instead of -2 Chr.
18. Crippled leg. -2 Dex instead of -2 Chr. -5 Movement.
19. Burned hand.-2 Dex instead of -2 Chr. Cannot hold weapons in that hand.
20. Warts. Lots of warts. Several big ones on your nose.
21. [HA] Head grows single curled horn. Off center. Roll on Table 2.
22. [HA] Head grows two horns from forehead. Roll on Table 2.
23. [HA] Head grows tall ridge like a sailfish. (HA results produce more of them)
24. [HA] Hair becomes thick as noodles, twitches occasionally. Cutting it causes bleeding.
25. [HA] Head grows two antlers from forehead. Roll on Table 2.
26. [HA] 1d6 metal spikes. Roll d4 for steel, bronze, silver, green.
27. Grow barbed tail. Prehensile.
28. Grow furry tail. Prehensile.
29. Grow heavy tail. Must lean forward to walk or stand, but balance improved.
30. Furry goat legs, hooves. You can wear a kilt or short skirt but hate pants.
31. Jaw juts out, lower canines grow to 1” length.
32. Ears grow tall and pointy, with tufts of hair.
33. Eyebrows become crested and tall, like Thufir Hawat.
34. Eyes become solid and hard like stones. Roll on Table 2.
35. Body smell of sulfur. You can light candles and lamps by pinching them.
36. Body smell of embalming fluid.
37. Body odor smells of bat dung.
38. Long whiskers from cheeks and eyebrows.
39. Most body fat leaches away, leaving skin pulled tightly over bones and muscle.
40. Cheeks expand and droop.
41. Every expelled breath is visibly smoky, like a pipe.
42. Allergic to grass, trees, flowers. Sneezes expel explosion of soap bubbles.
43. Pass gas. Constantly.
44. Numerous blackheads. They occasionally pop and expel a black fungus.
45. Skin becomes like bark, hair like small branches and leaves.
46. Can only speak using ventriloquism. Lips won’t open. Direction and distance of words random.
47. Telephatic projection tourettes. “Nice tits!” “… you brown-noser.”
48. Your voice sounds like granite wheels rubbing against each other.
49. When you speak, people hear your words and sibilant hissing simultaneously.
50. Eyes glow. They are visible at night. Roll on Table 2.
51. Flames flicker and candles go out in your presence.
52. Insects occasionally crawl out from under your clothes or out of your mouth.
53. As 49, but serpents.
54. Your pockets always twitch, as if something is in there.
55. Your body appears to be in a state of decay. Patches of hair fall out, skin is loose.
56. Eyes become unnaturally further apart, grow larger.
57. Eyes merge into a central large eye. Distance vision not affected, oddly.
58. Fingers lengthen on both hands.
59. Fingers fuse on one hand into two bigger fingers. (Other hand if rolled again)
60. Lips harden into a beak. Roll d3 for squid, hawk or crow.
61. Grow gills on neck. Double length of time you can hold your breath.
62. Grow three more sexual organs (penis or vagina) on random part of body. Functional.
63. Refuse to wear pants or underwear. Can wear loose robes or skirts, but frequently expose self.
64. 1d2/day cough up a glowing slug 6” long. Roll Table 2 for color of slugs.
65. Mouth moves when you talk, but doesn’t match the words you say. A lip-reader only sees foul insults.
66. Eyes in the back of your head. You can’t see through them, but they watch things.
67. Ears move to top of head. Roll d3 for bat, coyote or owl.
68. Skin becomes loose and saggy all over.
69. Emit glow from mouth and nose. Roll on Table 2.
70. Veins become visible all over body. Roll on Table 2 for color of veins.
71. Grow 2d12 inches taller. Weight does not change, you appear stretched.
72. Tongue becomes long and flicks the air.
73. Your presence gives off a chill. Your breath fogs from cold.
74. You appear to sweat blood. (It’s just sweat though)
75. You sweat slime. Your skin is always slimy from that. Roll on Table 2.
76. Your head occasionally spins all the way around as an involuntary reflex. You can’t do it on purpose.
77. Fu-Manchu mustache, but tentacles like catfish.
78. Nose and mouth stretches out like a baboon.
79. Eyes become a field of stars.
80. Eyeballs fall out. Putting gold spheres stamped with runes in the sockets allows normal vision.
81. Nose widens at bottom to match width of mouth.
82. 2” bronze disc with runes appears embedded in forehead. Flicking it produces gong noise.
83. Your speech includes a vocal tic that sounds like chittering insects.
84. Any clothes you wear become wispy and frayed, ripple in unfelt wind.
85. When you speak, listeners see flames about your head.
86. When you speak, listeners see shadows move in their peripheral vision.
87. You regularly throw off sparks, particularly when touching things (from fingers) or speaking (from lips). Your personal items have lots of tiny burn marks on them.
88. Your hair floats about your head. If you cut it, it grows to at least 18” length overnight.
89. Limb falls off. Clockwork device grows to replace it over 1 week.
90. Heart pops out of chest, leaving scar. No noticeable effect other than lack of pulse, but everyone can just sense that you’re missing something.
91. Steam always being emitted from ears. Face turns red and ears make loud whistling noise when angry.
92. When you speak, your words also appear as glowing letters that roll out of your mouth.
93. Skin (or fur, scales, etc.) gets stripes 1d4” wide. Roll twice on Table 2. (This replaces any previous change in color, but cannot return to a solid color if you roll that in the future)
94. Skin (or fur, scales, etc.) gets polka dots 1d4” across. Roll on Table 2 for color of dots. (This goes on top of any previous change in color; base color can change in future if hasn’t already)
95. Neck grows 4” longer.
96. Skull above eyebrows turns translucent. Brain visible.
97. Line drawn down center of body from head to crotch. Right or Left side (roll d2) still looks like you, but the other side now appears to be swapped out from someone else. Any previous marks of the beast on that side are gone. Roll on Table 3.
98. Small suction cups on hands. Can pick up very small items. Cannot wear gloves.
99. Eyes spread further apart, third eye appears on forehead, forming triangle. Vision not affected.
100. All teeth replaced with pointed canines. Food must be prepared appropriately. Occasionally take “just a taste” of nearby dead flesh (whether enemies or raw steak).

Table 2: Colors of the Arcane Rainbow (d8)
1. Blood red
2. Purpleish-blue
3. Gold
4. Corpse White
5. Jet black with white spots.
6. Putrid yellow.
7. Toad green.
8. Poisonous orange.

Table 3: Who am I? (2d6)
Ethnic appearance is give in Earth-standard terms. Convert to your campaign’s cultures, of course.

   Gender  Ethnicity
1. Male    European
2. Male    East Asian
3. Male    African
4. Female  Native American
5. Female  South Asian
6. Female  Elf

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